A nostalgic journey through the buses I photographed and worked amongst in the early 1960s together with some more modern images of transport subjects from the intervening years.
Between 1957 and 1964 I was passionately keen on buses. My interest was fairly specific in that unless they were operated by Midland Red (in whose area I lived) or East Yorkshire (where my grandparents lived) I wasn't particularly bothered! However this rather rigid approach softened later in the period but it does explain the preponderance of images from those two operators.

I worked for the Midland Red from 1960 to 1964 - at Central Works for the first year and then in the Long Distance Coach Services office at Digbeth Coach Station for the remainder.

I was learning to take photographs so please don't be too harsh in your judgement of what is displayed here. The later photographs do get better! However I have included the less than perfect images because, to anyone 'of a certain age', they will bring back memories of how things were.

Most of the images are in monochrome but there are a few that are in colour and are taken from transparencies - some of the colours have not lasted as one would have hoped. There are also some full colour images taken on negative film and these seem to have fared better.

I have included some more modern digital images of preserved examples that I have had the pleasure of seeing, particularly at the BaMMOT museum at Wythall, Birmingham.

Copies of all of these images are available for online purchase. Discounts available for multiple purchases